Resistance – Mikhaeyla Kopievsky

Sapere che Leggere Distopico è arrivato fino in Australia… non può che renderci orgogliosi!

Quindi è con immenso piacere che oggi per la sezione “Titoli Distopici” vi segnaliamo su richiesta dell’autrice il romanzo (in lingua) Resistance.

Mikhaeyla Kopievsky - Resistance


In the post-apocalyptic city of Otpor, where your identity is determined by the government and your personality conditioned from early childhood, only one crime is punishable by death – free-thinking. 

Anaiya, a Peacekeeper of the uncompromising Fire Element, lives to protect and maintain the Orthodoxy – the state’s dominant ideology and social contract. For decades, Otpor has flourished under its strict enforcement, providing citizens with full employment, universal housing and healthcare, and abundant alcohol, drugs and entertainment.
But not everyone is satisfied in this veritable utopia.
When forbidden murals appear on concrete walls calling for Resistance, Otpor’s carefully maintained stability begins to shatter. To reverse the chaos and restore balance, Anaiya undergoes radical and untested technology to realign her identity and allow her to infiltrate the rebellious Air Element.
But seeing things from the other side has its complications. As concepts of loyalty and obedience fracture and betrayals escalate, Anaiya is faced with an impossible decision. Torn between two worlds and two identities, Anaiya must choose a side before the Resistance and its Heterodoxy infects them all.

Primo romanzo della serie Divided Elements.

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